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SEO - Improve your Search Engine Rankings

Now available as a bolt on to any existing hosting package, our Search Engine Optimisation service helps boost your ratings in major search engines.

Our Ranking Suite closely monitors your position in Google, Bing, Yahoo and others, with monthly PDF reports for your chosen keywords. We can include:

  • Monthly Rankings Reports
  • Each page of a site optimised for your keywords, with bespoke titles and descriptions
  • We create a sitemaps for your website
  • Submit and verify the sitemap to Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Add your business to Google Maps
  • Create a Google Local Business Listing
  • Full Website Audit

We use Analytics to monitor a site's visitors, where they are from, what they are interested in and crucially how long they stay. Contact us now for more information and we'll give your site a free SEO health check.

We only use Ethical "White Hat" and Natural Techniques to help rankings.

Ranking Report

SEO Ranking Report Our comprehensive Ranking Reports look at all the major Search Engines, and rate how well your site is performing in them for each set of your chosen key words. It shows trends for every keyword that a site has, trends within each Search Engine and graphs of progress.

This report is the benchmark of how well your chosen keywords are doing. From the first report run to the present day, highs and lows are tracked and displayed. You would usually receive a Ranking Report by email once every month.


Website Audit

SEO Website AuditA Website Audit examines every page in your website the way a Search Engine will see it.

It will list any faults or problems, and highlight areas that need improving. Broken Links, internal page errors or pages that are not W3C Valid are highlighed. Also included are the dates Google last indexed your pages, page Titles and Descriptions - these are all important aspects to ensure good SEO performance.


Linking Report

SEO Linking Report LInks play a vital part in SEO. Linking strategies are complex and multilayered, but in broad terms the greater the number of inbound links your website has, the better.

As long as these links aren't from so-called Link Farms where you can pay to have a link added, then quality links from high calibre sites are good news. Our Linking Report will examine the web for any links from other sites, make sure there are no typos or other errors in the link and provide a solid base for tracking link progress.

Competitor Analysis

SEO Competitor Analysis If you're interested in how your competitors are doing then we are able to run the same reports on their websites.

Discover their rankings, who is linking to them (perhaps you might be able to source a similar link), and how their keywords are performing. This is entirely ethical, it's simply the equivalent of looking at which newspapers a rival company advertises in.


Why You Should NEVER Be Promised a Number 1 Google Slot.

We are asked this a lot. There are many companies out there who will promise exactly that - a number 1 Google Ranking. This is a 2 minute video from Google's Matt Cutts on why this doesn't work out.

Remember - this is from one of Google's top designers on the official Google Webmaster YouTube Channel, and he should know. It could be the most useful 2 minute video you watch.

Everyone would love to come in the following morning and find that they are Number 1 in Google across the world. Sadly the reality is that SEO is not an instant project and results are achieved over time. Rankings Reports will measure progress for your chosen keywords and over time will help measure success.

Quick Test

SEO Competitor AnalysisTry a couple of tests on your website.

Does automatically redirect to If not, you could be losing out as some search engines will view these are two different sites.

When you press 'home' on your menu, does the site return to, or does it add an /index.html or index.php at the end of the URL? Again, some search engines will view these as two websites and not give you proportionate credit for the content.

Are the titles of your pages all bespoke to the content of each page?

Do you have plenty of links on each page pointing to other pages in your site?

If you answered 'no' to all these, don't panic. These aren't design errors, they are very common, but all signs that your website could be performing better within search engines.

Contact us about SEO Optimisation today and we'll see if we can help.


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