Email Services - Settings and Fault Finding Guide

Airpro Web Design SupportThis guide below explains how to set up your email software for an email account with Airpro Web Design, and also how to access webmail.

Airpro Web Design email supports both POP3, IMAP4 and also webmail access from any browser.

Please note these settings carefully.

Account Settings:

Incoming Mail server (POP3/IMAP):

Username: your full email address (eg

Password: as requested/set

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

Your outgoing server DOES require authentication, using the same username and password as your incoming server.

Path Prefix: If asked for a server path prefix on IMAP setups, use Inbox

iPhone and iPad Setup

By default, Apple products assume SSL connections and ports. Set up the account as normal, wait for the SSL validation to fail, and then proceed on the non-secure route.


All accounts have webmail (the ability to check and send email from any internet browser in the world). The link is simply

Enter your username and password, and log in. From here, you can read or compose emails that will send from your account.

Non SSL Ports

Email ports are usually set automatically by your software (eg Outlook), however if you do need to set them manually then they are:

IMAP Incoming: 143

POP3 incoming: 110

SMTP outgoing: 25


Doesn't Work? Please Read This First

Email problems are regularly down to a misconfiguration error, or an email getting lost in Spam or Junk Mail filtering.

Please check the following BEFORE contacting Airpro.

  • Is internet access available (for example to If not, then please check your configuration and contact your ISP for further help
  • If there are problems sending or receiving email, and all other internet functions are correct, please reboot your router AND your computer.
  • If Outlook is downloading emails and is 'stuck' in the middle of downloading one, please log into webmail ( , select the 'stuck' email and delete it.
  • Can receive but not send? Please check with your ISP to see if they block Port 25 (their technical teams will know what this means). If so, please ask them to lift the block. If they refuse, please contact Airpro for further assistance.