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What we can do for you

Airpro takes great care to match your needs to your finished website. Businesses just starting up typically benefit from a more simple site at a lower cost, and as your business grows and facilities increase, we'll grow your website to match.

Established businesses will already have a portfolio showcase which makes an excellent basis for proving a strong track record. We will help you with ideas and designs, and listen carefully to what your website needs to achieve for you.

We pride ourselves on a swift, personal and friendly approach, and are used to working at all levels of requirements.

Content Management System

Content Management SystemWould you like to be able to edit your website from your home or office PC?

We can supply a full site CMS where you have complete control over all content, create pages, menus and content at will.

However, more popular is a very controlable, easy to use editor where you log in from a control panel, alter text, add lines to a diary or calendar, write some news items of simply change a tagline, and hit save. The changes are immediate, making this easy to use little editor one of the most popular CMS solutions ever!

SEO - Increase your Google Rankings

SEONow available as a bolt on to any existing hosting package, our Search Engine Optimisation service helps boost your ratings in major search engines.

Our Ranking Suite closely monitors your position in Google, Bing, Yahoo and others, with monthly PDF reports for your chosen keywords. We'll go through an entire site, make sure that each page is set to give you most benefit for your keywords. We can help build link strategies for you and look at exactly where to target.

We use Analytics to monitor a site's visitors, where they are from, what they are interested in and crucially how long they stay. Contact us about SEO Optimisation today and we'll give your site a free SEO health check.

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Video - Online and DVD

Video - Online and DVDWe are able to produce high quality short promotional videos for you by employing top independent producers with whom we have worked for years. Their results are outstanding, and provide an engaging way for your visitors to discover more about your company.

The finished product is usually built into a webpage and is also suitable for DVD production. See a sample video here.

We offer online videos on Flash, which is both easy to use and has the advantage that most of your visitors will already have Flash installed on their computers.

If you have an exisiting promotional DVD or similar this can also be placed on your website to give your visitors a real insight into the quality of what you are offering.

Virtual Tours - 360 Panoramas

Virtual ToursWe are able to offer a full range of stunning virtual panoramic tours for your site.

We firmly believe good imaging is vital for any website, and the more engaging a website is, the more likely your visitors are to discover more about you.

Virtual Tours are perfect for letting your visitor feel like they're there. Right in the middle. As if they were there in person.

Perfect for showing off:

  • holiday properties
  • rental accommodation
  • hotel rooms
  • interior designs such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • interiors of schools or centres

Interested? We've some examples, prices and lots more information on our Virtual Tours page.

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Imaging and Photography

ImagingMost of the images on our sites are taken by us specifically for your website. We use professional Nikon digital SLR cameras and Nikkor or Sigma lenses and have a wide experience in shooting images to bring out the best in subject matter for you.

We can scan in any photographs or material you would like to include on your website (including company logos etc), and return the originals to you. If you are looking for high quality generic images then we can source these on your behalf.

Testing Your Website

Testing websiteWhen we design a site for you, we go to great lengths to make sure that it will look correct in all manner of different browsers in different operating systems.

Typically, we'll check Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari on both Windows systems and Mac OS X platforms, as well as mobile platforms such as iPhone and iPad.

This is so often overlooked. Just because a website looks great in Internet Explorer, if it's garbage in other browsers many of your visitors have just been put off completely. We design on Macs and test on both Macs and PCs to make sure your website looks the same.

Our sites are tested and certified to W3C Compliance. This means that they have passed stringent tests to make sure our code is well written and universal. If there are any pages which won't comply (perhaps there is some software you'd like us to use which doesn't validate), we'll tell you.


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Urgent HelpHosting with another provider but having major problems? No problem, there isn't much we haven't seen and resolved. Get in touch and we'll try and get you going quickly.

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