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Enterprise Grade Business Hosting from Airpro

Airpro hosts all sites on our servers Ranburne and Europa; full dedicated servers, located in two award winning Data centres with outstanding reliability and connectivity to the Internet. Many design companies use 'shared hosting' to save money and offer cheaper hosting, where your site sits alongside thousands of others, but we simply don't believe this offers the best service. See 'Hosting Explained' below.

We are able to register a wide variety of domains including.,. com and. on your behalf, and work with you on what domain names might suit best. If you already have a domain, we can move it on to our server.

Why our Hosting is Different

Why Airpro Hosting is Different Your domain which is both your website and email are critical to your business success. We tailor our hosting to suit your needs and are backed by an outstanding support agreement.

Your hosting shouldn't be a decision based on money (although we usually find we're cheaper than most). It should be about the support and backup when you need it, a personal service that understands your needs and an infrastructure that is able to grow with your business.

If you are switching from another supplier, we're here to help. It's really straightforward and we've done it many many times!

  • We use a local Manchester company as our server supplier. They only supply dedicated servers and above, and our equipment sits alongside some very big household names.
  • Our server network speeds are amazing. Your clients need your webpages served fast, and we deliver.
  • There is a hardware firewall to protect your data from intrusions. This is expensive, but we include it within all our hosting as your security is important to us.

Email Junk and Spam Filter - Enterprise grade

Junk Mail Filtering from Airpro We now offer all our clients email filtering from MessageLabs. Working at server level, it analyses incoming emails and filters them before any are delivered to you, so protecting your PC or network well in advance from viruses as well as spam. Owned by Symatec, MessageLabs protect over 8 million mailboxes worldwide, with an outstanding SLA:

MessageLabs checks every email incoming to your domain and uses a continually updated set of criteria. This is not a passive service, it is a managed and maintained provision that we believe is one of the best in the world and offers outstanding protection.

  • Antivirus Accuracy – no more than 0.0001% false positives (1 in 1 million emails)
  • Antispam Accuracy – no more than 0.0003% false positives (3 in 1 million emails)
  • Antivirus Effectiveness – 100% protection against known and unknown email viruses
  • Antispam Effectiveness – 99% spam capture
  • Availablity - 100% service uptime

Clients who have suffered several thousand junk emails a day have seen this reduce instantly to zero. There is a small setup charge levied by Message Labs, together with a cost-per-mailbox. In return, all clients receive a MessageLabs login where they can check details of emails that have been rejected.

Secure Email (SSL) and Site Backup

Secure Email SSL and Backup We appreciate that some of our clients need to communicate sensitive data or documents via email. To assist, we are able to offer SSL 256 bit encryption from GeoTrust to secure the link between your email client and the mail server for both sending and receiving emails.

Our server has a backup to Network Drive every week. Although it ought to be standard throughout the industry, it isn't simply because of the cost involved.

With our backup, your data, settings, websites and emails are protected should there be a failure or data corruption.

Email Services

Email and Webmail servicesWhen you host a domain with us a full email service is included. We offer our clients a choice of POP3 or IMAP4 email, and unlimited accounts within any single domain. Emails can also be redirected to any existing email address.

Coming in the nex t few days: Push Email for smartphones (Blackberries and iPhones etc)

We'll also happily provide help setting up accounts with Windows Mail, Outlook/Outlook Express, and we are experienced in Apple Mail and Entourage for Macs. An outgoing (SMTP) authenticated server is available to send mails.

All of our clients have Webmail included - the ability to check your company email from anywhere in the world using a standard internet connection.

Hosting Explained - the three types of hosting

Hosting Explained
  • Shared Hosting: this is usually dirt cheap; a supplier buys a full server and then sits as many sites as possible on it (typically around 5000 but it varies). They rely on many of these sites being low traffic and low use. The problems appear when one of the 5000 users either starts sending spam email and getting the server blacklisted (or is hacked due to inexperienced site managers and spammers abuse their account), or runs some script that causes either a server crash or sucks so many resources out of it there is very little left for the other sites. There are tight limits on disk space, bandwidth and other resources.
  • Virtual Servers: this is a server that is divided into several parts to operate like multiple servers, each part pretending to be a full server using virtualisation software. Much better allocation of resources, and usually nothing like 5000 domains, but still shared so limits on disk space, bandwidth, number of connections and resources.
  • Dedicated Server: a full hardware server, usually leased, and run entirely by a single company. More power available than other hosting solutions, and usually more reliable and very unlikely to be blacklisted. Much more relaxed limits on domains hosted on the server. Lease cost is measured in thousands per year - they aren't cheap.

Airpro Web Design leases its own dedicted, managed server.


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Urgent HelpHosting with another provider but having major problems? No problem, there isn't much we haven't seen and resolved. Get in touch and we'll try and get you going quickly.

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